Swimming Pool Construction in Kenya

Are you in Kenya and looking for the best Swimming Pool Construction company in Kenya? Do you dream of have a beautiful and private swimming pool in your backyard? Search no more because your search ends at us. Bluewave Swimming Pool Services Limited is a reputable swimming pool construction company in Kenya and beyond. We have been serving our clients widely for over a decade in all major cities across the country.

We Are The Best Swimming Pool Cleaning & Service Provider in Kenya

Despite there being stiff competition in the current market scenario, We have managed to make a mark for ourselves in these past years and we assure you that we are one of the best for swimming pool construction company in Kenya. We believe in maintaining our company motto and commitment towards quality services, complete value for money and hundred percent satisfactions of our customers. Our expert consultants offer a safe and reliable service in Kenya.

For many, owning a swimming pool is a dream-come-true. In addition to the ability to exercise and relax at home in equal measure, a swimming pool will add value to any property where one has been installed. Therefore, the construction of a new pool must be conducted professionally and with an eye to the future. That is why we only use fully trained staff who have the necessary expertise to ensure that your pool is constructed well and built to last.

Construction begins at the design stage. Before a single piece of equipment is installed, the pool design must be considered from an aesthetic point of view. Our design team will be able to advise you at every step of the way to make sure that your pool fits in perfectly with your home and provides you with the level of enjoyment that you would expect. To do this, we draw on the expertise of architectural experts, interior designers, landscape designers and structural engineers. Where appropriate, we will also be able to provide all of the necessary mechanical and electrical consultations to ensure the design works well once installed.

Our approach is to ensure that each and every one of our clients has a design that is suited to their home or business development and that is practical to install. At this point, we will then appoint the best installation team for the project who will go about the construction phase. With plenty of know how in the best ways of installing a swimming pool, our construction teams are well-versed in keeping the inevitable disruption that comes from any building project to a minimum. Our unfussy approach helps to get the major work over in as short a time frame as possible. Once the first phase of the pool’s installation is completed, then our team of craftsmen will turn up to put the finishing touches to the pool. 

This will include tiling, for example, as well as adding mosaics, fitting underwater lighting and installing the equipment that keeps a pool running well, such as filtration systems and heat pumps.

We try to keep ourselves up to date regarding the recent trends and evolving tastes of the people in general. With our innovative approach and eye for detail, we at Bluewave Swimming Pool Services are today known by a name of our own when it comes to swimming pool construction and maintenance in Kenya. Be it outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, spas or sauna, we strive towards maintaining our standards. The materials that we use are always of guaranteed quality and our workers put in their best on the job in hand. We also strictly adhere to professional standards and ethics. For this reason, we have been granted certification and Licensing by the National Construction Authority for Mechanical Works and Building and Construction of Swimming Pools in Kenya.


Though most people would love to have a swimming pool in their backyard, they often back out of the idea of getting one constructed because of the tedious task of swimming pool construction. The process is said to involve huge amounts of noise and dirt accumulation during the work. Even after the work is done, it involves the tedious task of cleaning up all the mess. As a regular in the field of swimming pool construction, we at Bluewave Swimming Pool Services are conscious about the safety and privacy of our clients and their families. Though the noise or mess is not completely avoidable, our workers try to maintain utmost care while working so as to minimize audible disturbances and also clear up the site once the job is done. Any established swimming pool construction company follows certain steps while building the swimming pool. These include;-